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13th Annual General Meeting of IAPA-Europe

The 2008 Annual General Meeting of IAPA-Europe took place in the Marriot Hotel, London on 17 May 2008.

Key points during the meeting were as follows:

1. Election of Board members for 2008/09:

  • Jan Huygens (Chairman)
  • Matthew Hall (Treasurer)
  • Michiel Martin (new appointment)
  • Alexandre Perrichon
  • Roberto Piazza

2. Confirmation of Malta as the venue for the 2009 European Conference/AGM (29/30 May)

3. Reports of activity in the following areas:

  • Tax/Audit Forums
  • Public Sector Group
  • Expatriates Services Group
  • Business Generating Initiative

You can see the presentation about this event (in Russian)>>>

The Microsoft partner certificate has been prolonged till April, 2009

The A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE Company has had prolongation of partner relations with Microsoft as a Microsoft Certified Partner.
You can see the certificate on following page >>>

Ratings of "Finans" magazine according the results of 2007

On April, 14th "Finans" magazine has published ratings of the largest Russian auditing, consulting and IT-consulting companies. According to magazine lists the A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE company takes following places:

  • 48th rank in rating of auditing companies
  • 65th rank in rating of consulting companies
  • 31th rank in rating of IT consulting companies

TOP 100 of Russian biggest auditing companies

Kommersant Publishing House and “Money” magazine has published TOP 100 list of Russian biggest auditing companies and groups according to results of 2007. The A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE Company has occupied 44th place in this rating list.

New logo of IAPA

IAPA Board has confirmed the new variant of IAPA logo corresponding to its status of a global association of separate and independently accountancy firms. The new logo makes IAPA's status clear.

Rating of the biggest auditing and consulting groups of Russia

Rating agency "Expert RA" has published results of a rating of the largest auditing and consulting firms and groups of Russia. The A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE Company has kept the 56th position in the ranking list.

IAPA is not a "network"

In the light of the new global regulation affecting accounting networks and associations, the IAPA Board has approved the following explanatory comment:

IAPA is a global association of separate and independently owned and managed accountancy firms. IAPA does not provide client services and it does not accept responsibility or liability for the acts or omissions of its members. Likewise, the members of IAPA are separate and independent legal entities, and as such each has no responsibility or liability for the acts or omissions of other members.

While IAPA may include within its membership groupings of firms that together may form "networks" as defined by the IFAC Code of Ethics (Section 290) and the European Union Statutory Audit (revised 8th Company Law) Directive, IAPA is not a "network" in its own right, and thus is exempt from regulations applicable to "networks".

Services related to IAS financial reports

The A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE, an auditing and consulting company (Moscow, Russia) has developed a targeted system of preparing and presenting financial reports, allowing to take the on-line account of changes in the International Accounting System and tendencies in clients’ activities. We provide our clients with a full range of services related to IAS financial reports.
You can see the detailed information on this service on following page >>>

IAPA welcomes two new member firms from Russia

IAPA has joined two Russian auditing firms: ASK-Consulting and Gradient-Alpha-Audit.

ASK-Consulting originally established in 2003 is a group of three companies providing audit services and a broad range of financial and other related services. The firm is registered with the Audit Chamber of Russia and the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia (which is an IFAC member body). The firm has 2 partners with substantial experience in providing services to national and foreign clients in a range of sectors. There is a total complement of 35 staff.

The «Gradient Alpha» Group of companies has been rendering consulting services for Russian businesses since 1995. Competence of Company comprises of strategic management, auditing and taxation, finance-management consulting, law and accounting, automation, personnel management, and estimation technologies. Gradient Alpha is listed among TOP100 largest audit-consulting groups in Russia.

Contact details you can see in the IAPA members firm directory >>>

15 Years of the Moscow Audit Chamber

The Moscow Audit Chamber has noted 15-th anniversary from the date of its foundation. The Moscow Audit Chamber is one of leading professional auditor associations in Russia. Today Chamber joins representatives of 70 regions of the country. 1600 firms and physical persons are members of the Chamber now.

The Chairman of IAPA Herbert Alexander has sent congratulation with 15-years anniversary of Moscow Audit Chamber.

Congratulation letter to Vladimir Kolbasin Chairman of the Moscow Audit Chamber >>>

IAPA in World TOP25

The Accountancy Magazine has published International Networks and Associations Survey 2007. IAPA ranked at number 22 in the Top 25 International Accountancy Networks and Associations with total fee income more then 848 millions dollars and 215 members.

Accountancy Magazine Survey underlines that it has been a year of growth and change for the international networks and associations. All of the networks and associations in particular have reported strong growth, which is mainly driven by a strong performance in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries.

Top 25 International Accountancy Networks and Associations >>>

International Annual General Meeting of IAPA in Sydney

International Annual General Meeting held in Sydney on 31 October 2007.
Key decisions taken at this meeting were as follow:

  • re-election of Andrew Maybery and Charlie Weissman as members of the Board, and election of Keith Thomson (Canada)
  • re-election of Herb Alexander as Chairman, Juan Carlos Ronco Corsi as Vice-Chairman, and Andrew Maybery as Finance Director
  • approval of accounts, budgets and transfer of the reserves of former unincorporated association
  • endorsement of IAPA's continuing status as an association (ie exempt from regulation introducing new requirements for "networks")
  • approval of internal regulations relating to membership recruitment, membership obligations/rights, responsibilities of regional groups/boards, nomination/election of directors/officers
  • approval of Israel as the conference venue for 2011.

You can see the presentation about this event >>>

The A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE company’s license for auditing services is prolonged.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has prolonged the A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE company’s license for auditing services till June, 25th, 2012 by the Ministry Order No 423 date 22.06.2007. It is important today because abrogation of state licensing of auditing activity has been postponed till July 2008.

License No. E 000732 by the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance >>>

Annual General Meeting of IAPA Europe

12th Annual General Meeting of IAPA Europe held at the Radisson SAS Hotel, Berlin on Saturday 5 May 2007

At the Chairman’s invitation, Morten Clauson-Kaas reported on European recruitment activities over the last twelve months and plans for the coming year. The meeting noted that 5 new firms had been appointed and that the membership now stood at 56 independent firms plus two Commercial Associates - IAPA Deutschland AG and UK200Group.

The Chairman then presented his report on the year’s activities and plans for the forthcoming year.

The Meeting has held a Resolution for the expansion of the geographic remit of IAPA Europe to include non-European countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Following debate from the floor, Jaromir Jiroudek proposed an amendment to the Resolution to retain the title “IAPA Europe”.

Juan Carlos Ronco Corsi proposed the re-election of the current Board members for a further one-year term as follows: Jan Huygens (Chairman), Matthew Hall (Treasurer), Alexander Perrichon (Member), Roberto Piazza (Member).

The Chairman reported that the next meeting would take place in conjunction with the 2008 European Annual Conference in London on 17 May.

The Coorporation in the Field of Accountants and Auditios Trainings

The Rector of the Academy of budjet and treasyry under the Ministry of finance of the Russian Federation professor M.P. Aphanasiev and the General director of the auditing and consulting firm A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE Co. Ltd. L.P. Sokolova February 9th, 2007 have signed the Agreement of cooperation in the field of student's training and practice. That event put on official base many years cooperation of teachers and auditors in the field of accountants and auditors traning.

In accordance with that Agreement the A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE Co. Ltd. becames one of the base partners of the Academy for student's practice. Every year the Academy sends a group of 4-year students to pass an accounting practice, and a group of 5-year students to make a pre-diploma thesises. The instruction of practice is realizing by the best specialists of A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE Co. Ltd in accordance with Academy's programm.

The best students, have had practice, after graduation from the Academy begin to work in Department of Auditing and Department of Accounting of the A.I.AUDIT-SERVIS Company.

The A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE is a ABBYY Certified Partner

The A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE Company has entered into the partner agreement with ABBYY - one of world leading software firm in the field of data recognition (OCR), input of forms (ICR) and applied linguistics. The A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE has passed certification and has received status ABBYY Certified Reseller.

Quality Control in International Association IAPA

Since January, 1st, 2007 the Policies Procedures Manual in Quality Control for members of Association IAPA, accepted on the Annual International conference which is taken place on September, 4-6th, 2006 in Milan has taken effect. To support and raise prestigiousness of membership in IAPA, from all members of Association observance of high professional and ethical standards is required. All the orders, transferred to members IAPA for execution, are a subject to monitoring from the Quality Control Committee.

In the Association the order of consideration of claims to its members and infringements of rules of the behaviour regulated by the Charter of Association and other internal adjusting documents is established. The Manual also provides, that all firms IAPA -members should carry out International standards IFAC on audit or the national standards, if they are more strict.

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10th International Exhibition of Means for Provision of State Security “Interpolitex-2006”

10th International Exhibition “Interpolitex-2006” will be held in the territory of the All-Russia Exhibition Center (Moscow) on October 17 – 20, 2006. Our company invite you to visit our frame À-11, hall #69.

IAPA International Annual Conference

In view of transformation of the IAPA Association from a Public organization into an International Non-commercial Partnership under the UK legislation the IAPA General Annual Meeting and Conference held on September 4-6, 2006 in Milan decided to reorganize the IAPA governing body into a Board of Directors increasing its membership to 9 with mandatory rotation at least once every three years.

Herbert Alexander (USA) was elected as IAPA's President, Juan Carlos Ronco (Spain) as Vice-President, Andrew Mayberry (UK) as Chief Financial Officer - IAPA’s treasurer (UK).

The IAPA General Annual Meeting has approved Moscow as the site for IAPA-2010 General Annual Meeting and Conference and expressed their gratitude to IAPA”s Russian firm member – the A.I. AUDIT-SERVICE auditing and consulting company, represented at the meeting by Mr. Y. N. Starovoytov, Director for the company’s Strategic Business Development, for the consent to host the event.

The IAPA General Meeting has approved a “Reference Book on Quality Policies and Procedures of Quality Control” as a guiding document on quality control of the IAPA members’ performance. The “Reference Book” is mandatory for all IAPA members to use for guidance in their work. Charles Waissman has been appointed as Head of Quality Control Committee.

Topical issues of pricing in shipbuilding

Issue 9 of journal “Oboronniy Zakaz” (Defence Order) features the article “Topical Issues of Pricing in Shipbuilding” written by the A.I. AUDIT-SERVICE employers: I.Y. Garnov, Y.N. Grishin, Y.N. Starovoytov and V.N. Tkachenko.

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Our subsidiary ORGBUSINESSYSTEMS launches a web site

www.orgbiz.ru is the address of a web site, opened by our subsidiary ORGBUSINESSYSTEMS, offering automation of business processes and legal services. The site details a wide range of legal services from registration of companies to performing sensitive work and setting and automating business, tax and management accounting processes. Welcome to www.orgbiz.ru

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