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IAPA is a global association of independent accountancy firms and groups providing a full range of high quality professional services to clients with international needs.

Established in 1979, IAPA comprises around 250 member firms with offices in more than 50 countries. In terms of the total fee income of its membership, IAPA ranks amongst the top 25 global accounting organisations >>>

IAPA's aim is to support member firms in providing their clients, regardless of sector or location, with professional, comprehensive and cost-effective business solutions to all their business needs.

IAPA member firms

Each IAPA member firm is an independent entity controlled or owned by individuals holding internationally recognised accountancy qualifications. Admission is subject to rigorous eligibility criteria. In joining the association every member firm commits to maintaining IAPAs high standards of professionalism and integrity.

Local expertise Global coverage

Through IAPA, member firms gain immediate access to the professional expertise and knowledge of locally qualified professionals in key business centres worldwide.

If you are seeking accountancy services or business advice, whether in your own domestic market or further afield, simply contact your local IAPA member firm which will be able to arrange whatever support you need.

You can find companies providing services which you need via IAPA's global directory of member firms in official Website of Association >>>

The main events of IAPA in 2009:

29 - 30 of May, 2009 - European AGM and Conference in Malta
26 - 28 of June, 2009 - Americas AGM and Conference in San Antonio (Texas)
23 - 26 of October, 2009 - International AGM and Conference in Pasadena (California)

The 2008 AGM took place in Pasadena on 10-th September 2008. The main decision were:
- re-election of Herbert Alexander (USA) as Chairman, Juan Carlos Ronco Corsi (Spain) as Vice-chairman, and Andrew Maybery (UK) as Finance Director;
- re-election of Jan Hugyens (Belgium) and Helmi Talib (Singapore) for a further three year term;
- appointment of external examiner;
- approval of budget and account;
- approval of revised Internal Regulation No.1: Membership Policies and Procedures Manual.


The successful operation of IAPA is founded upon the strength of professional and personal contacts that have developed between member firms across national and regional boundaries.

IAPA seeks to promote these contacts by holding regular conferences and specialist events at global, regional and national levels.

These events offer member firms an informal opportunity to exchange information and ideas, to discuss professional issues, and simply to get to know each other better.

The following international and regional events will be taking place over the next twelve months:

2008 European Conference and Tax/Audit Forums 16 - 17 May London
2008 Americas Annual Meeting 21 - 22 June Denver
2008 International Conference 7 - 10 September Pasadena
2008 Annual Meeting of UK-200 13 - 14 November Manchester

Information about past events is available as follows (in Russian):

2007 International Conference 28 October - 1 November Sydney
2007 European Conference and Tax/Audit Forums 4 - 5 May Berlin
2006 International Conference 3 - 6 September Milan
2005 International Conference 30 October - 2 November Cape Town

Applications for membership

If your firm is located in Russia or other countries of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and you wish to join IAPA, please contact to Yury Starovoitov by email: starovoitov@office.aias.ru


IAPA International Secretariat:

Tel: + 44 1252 325981
Fax: + 44 1252 720820
E-mail: admin@iapa.net
Website: www.iapa.net


IAPA is a global association of separate and independently owned and managed accountancy firms. IAPA does not provide client services and it does not accept responsibility for the acts or omissions of its members. Likewise, the members of IAPA are separate and independent legal entities, and as such each has no responsibility or liability for the acts or omissions of other members.

While IAPA may include within its membership groupings of firms that together may form networks as defined by the IFAC Code of Ethics (Section 290) and the European Union Statutory Audit (revised 8th Company Law) Directive, IAPA is not a network in its own right, and thus is exempt from regulations applicable to networks.

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