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Audit and bookkeping in Russia A.I.AUDIT-SERVICERussian auditing and consulting company 19993 .
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Rm. 24, 62-1, Usacheva str., Moscow, Russia

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A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE Co. Ltd. was founded in 1993. The Company is a member of IAPA, a global association of independent accounting firms and groups, and the Russian Chamber of Auditors.

      Microsoft certified partner

The A.I.AUDITE-SERVICE is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

The following licenses are granted to our company:

  • License No. E 000732 by the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance, for auditing services
  • License No. 0004893 by the Russian Federation Ministry of Property Regulation, for appraisal activity
  • License No. B 330212 by the Russian Federal Security Bureau, for providing services in the areas involving classified information.

The A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE Company is steadily referenced among the Russia's biggest auditing and consulting companies. According to the published ratings our company was positioned as follows:

  • 66-th rank - "Expert" journal of 23.03.2009
  • 59-th rank - "Commersant Money" journal of 07.04.2009
  • 25-th rank (IT-consulting) - "Finance" journal of 12.04.2009
  • Enjoys irreproachable business reputation, characterized by a high degree of business activities, and has been assigned the highest integrated rating by Unipravex agency: A+++1+++1+++ - www.unipravex.ru, www.cfin.ru, www.rbc.ru,

Since 1997 the Company has been insuring its professional responsibility, at present, with JSC "Military Insurance Company" for the value of 30 000 000 RR per each insurance case.


The Audit Activity Coordination Commission affiliated with the Mayor of Moscow, has included our company into the Register of auditing companies having Letters of Recommendations at the Moscow market.

A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE has successfully passed the quality control of the Moscow Auditing Chamber to adhering to auditing standards, professional ethics, license terms and conditions.

A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE has been awarded a diploma of the Russian Consumer Rights Protection Fund and has been included in the Fund's official Catalogue of recommended leading auditing companies of Russia.

Awards"A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE" has been twice prize-winner in the contest "National Security" and awarded gold medals: in 2003 - for the project of integrated structure of defense industry enterprises reforming; in 2001 for high quality auditing services, ensuring financial security of enterprises. In the same year the Company became a winner in the contest "Good Reputation of Russia 2001".

Since 1996 the A.I.AUDIT-SERVICE Company has been actively participating in the UN and UNESCO project of International Culture Development by implementing the program Books as a present for every blind child and by rendering material assistance and relief to the orphan house in Kirzhach town (Vladimir Region).

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